Elevate your Kitchen


Kitchen design by Savvy Interiors

Render by Phoebe Hewson


In this case, a SketchUP model was already provided by the cabinet company, with generic finishes. I was then asked by the designer to create Shaker Style cabinets with two different finishes. She also wanted white subway tile and silver hardware scaled in. Using a combination of SketchUP, Shaderlight and Photoshop I was able to create a rendering of the kitchen for the designer to present to the client.

I would say the most difficult part was scaling in the wood floors without overexposing the texture and color of the wood. Sometimes the greatest challenge is using the photos you are provided with and manipulating them to work in the space. Of course, I love a good challenge and discovering new ways, with each rendering, to shape and tweak different pieces to make one cohesive image.

One thing I have learned is that details really make a difference. Just by adding a soap bottle, a coffee pot and mug, the space becomes more realistic, tricking our brains into thinking this space is being used. It is important to bring the clients into the image. After all, they are the ones who will be using the space 🙂