Construction Documents


I was just going through some old files and stumbled on the first set of construction documents I ever completed. All of the research, drafting, and revising was well worth the final product.

This residence was really fun to design. The project involved not only designing the 2nd floor (Apartment) but also developing and designing the commercial space below (The business belonged to the people living in the apartment above). Most of the focus was the 2nd floor, but really diving into our clients and their business, what they are passionate about, helped shaped the overall design of their apartment.

The biggest challenge was catching every little detail in the construction documents and accompanying specifications binder. This project taught me to pay close attention to every finish and the specs that went along with it. It also taught me the importance of making sure that each document lined up properly with the next.

Interior design is not just paying attention to one decorative pillow or the accent wall color. Interior designers are responsible for finishes, electricity, ceiling plans, furniture layouts, construction documents, demo plans and so much more!